Birds of Honduras: Trip Reports

The following trip lists were taken directly out of R Gallardoīs field notebooks and checklists. Lists not compiled by Robert are noted accordingly. They have been included in the website to show a sample of what birds can typically be seen on any given tour. It may also be apparent that as time went on some of the lists grew bigger. This is reflected in Robertīs increasing experience in the field and includes more Heard birds. You may notice that in some lists the taxonomic order is incorrect as that is how they appear in the field books. Most of these lists were generated from tours with clients and do not include for the most part any other field outings outside of paid tours. Some of that pertinent information is contained within the Field Work section. This section does not include all of the day Day Trips that Robert has led, but only a sample. Most of the Day Trips not included here were done in the vicinity of Copan Ruins. This section does, however, include all of Robertīs longer tours.

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